What does the Automated Cargo Transport System do?

Provides real-time silo level information via The internet.
Allows a pneumatic tanker to unload automatically – no tractor and no driver required!
Automated trailers that unload only when there is room in the silo.

Why do our clients choose to invest in our system?

  1. Reduce hauling costs by 30% or more
  2. The driver does not need to wait for silo capacity since the trailer unloads automatically.
  3. Silo levels are constantly monitored with radar level sensors when capacity is available tanker unloading starts automatically.
  4. Unloading is consistent, ensuring no plugged lines or overfilled silos due to unloading errors.
  5. Silo inventory information and tanker unloading status are displayed at the batch house, dispatch and secure website.

Now through a patented system, the unloading process gives you a strategic advantage. ACTS has proven to be effective over hundreds of thousands of delivery cycles. Contact ACTS today to learn how you can implement this system.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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ACTS System Versatility

The Automated Cargo Transport System can be applied to various applications including semi tankers, double tankers, and pigs/guppies, dry goods transport semi cementer.