Benefits of using Automated Cargo Transport System

Hauler & Ready Mix Plant Shared Benefits

  • Real-time silo inventory information
  • Real-time tanker unloading status information
  • Unloading procedures & pressures are 100% consistent
  • Eliminate plugged lines and overfilled silos due to unloading errors
  • Potential for after hours deliveries
  • Option for product ID to prevent silo contamination
  • Option for dew point, pressure and temperature recording for quality control.

Hauler Benefits

  • Increase quantity of deliveries for each tractor
  • Reduce tractors & drivers by 30%
  • Tremendous dispatch flexibility
  • Eliminate waiting time due to full silos
  • Lighter tractor = more payload
  • Pick up at 6 am vs. deliver at 6 am
  • More effective driver utilization – no special unloading skills required
  • Saves $6 to $8 in fuel costs every time the trailer unloads.

Ready Mix Concrete and Other Manufacturing Plant Benefits

  • No material shortages due to inaccurate silo inventory information
  • Additional storage capacity
  • Proactive dispatch – hauler has the incentive to deliver early
  • Eliminate lost time accidents associated with manual silo measurements

Frequently Asked Questions

Now through a patented system, the unloading process gives you a strategic advantage.
ACTS has proven to be effective over hundreds of thousands of delivery cycles.
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