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Complete Automatic Unloading

We automate the delivery of dry bulk products and overcome problems normally associated with the delivery cycle.

About Automated Cargo Transport Systems

• Increase deliveries per day per tractor
• Reduce tractors by as much as 50%
• Bottom line growth as high as 200%

VEGA® Radar Level Sensor 

No waiting for silo capacity & no overfilled silos.

Safety Measures

Monitors line pressure makes adjustments in seconds.

Inventory management 

Have immediate access to silo level information.

CALL US TODAY AT 804-240-5864 

I can haul approximately 150 tons myself. The ACTS is super easy to use it's effortless. Its hard to really do any error with it especially hooking up and unhooking.

- Doug B. 

Real-time Silo Inventory Information

By accessing the secure website you will have immediate access to silo level information, unloading system status and also 30 days of historical information .

ACTS focuses 100% of its efforts and resources on automatic pneumatic tanker unloading systems and providing real-time inventory management systems.

The tanker control panel unloads the tanker safely by monitoring tanker pressure, line pressure and all valve positions.

If the tanker system loses communication with the level sensor it will go automatically to a high level, to prevent overfilling the silo.

The tanker unloading procedure is 100% consistent.

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